Screen Size vs Content Consumption

June 6, 2012

A recent press release fromcomScore(a source for digital marketing intelligence) has shown that there appears to be a relationship between the screen size and the amount of content that is consumed on a tablet pc.

Their recent (February 2012) report shows that 10 inch screen devices average 125 browser pages per tablet, compared to 79 browser pages on a 5 inch. Ok so comparing a 10 inch to a 5inch is a little unfair as they are radically different in terms of form factor, but the numbers on 9 inch and 7 inch tablets show a similar decline in terms of page views.

Aside from the factors outlined in the article, I can see how end users willingness to consume content on smaller devices may be affected by how the content is presented on the device. Larger screens often have screen resolutions comparable or larger than some desktop PCs, as a result the experience is similar and navigation is still big enough to be used. When screens get smaller, websites that are not optimised for smaller devices are considerably harder to use, not impossible just more time consuming and frustrating. As people learn about the problems associated with browsing and their smaller devices I'm sure that they choose to browse less and their browsing habits are restricted to sites which they know work.

Whys it important to consider tablet and smartphone users, here is one article fromFast Company outlining why. Tablet users spend more money (per purchase) now than regular desktop users or smartphone users. It's unlikely that desktop users will ever be the dominant tech landscape again. Tablets won't have an easy time of it they are likely to get competition from smartphones and smart-tvs. That said smart-tvs will always be limited in my opinion because their primary function will be as a tv.

So, what does this mean for you and your company website, one important question is when looking at it on a tablet does it look OK? Do your call to actions still grab the eye or are they a little lost. If they are maybe you need to give us a shout.

Richard Wendon

Written by Richard Wendon for Yoyo Design

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