Let the battle commence, XBox One or PS4 (or both!)

June 6, 2013

It’s official, they have been revealed and we haven’t got long to wait till we get our hands on them. Hurrah!

It was 2006 when the predecessor to the XBox One, the first XBox 360 was released and since then Microsoft has sold somewhere in the region of 77 million units. Released at a similar time to the 360, the model before the PS4, the PS3 has gone on to sell a similar number of units.

Whilst the numbers have been impressive, it wasn’t all rosy for the manufacturers. The Xbox 360 had manufacturing problems early on and in 2011 Sony’s PlayStation network was hacked compromising the personal data of its user base.

Despite these and a few other hiccups it’s hard to find households without one or more of these devices. The PS3 gained huge numbers of owners by integrating itself into the heart of the living room by sporting aBlu-ray Drive, meaning consumers didn’t have to bother purchasing a separate unit. The XBox 360, on the other hand, leads the way with hands-free gaming using the Kinect.

Both the new XBox One and PS4 will have Blu-ray, but the XBox One takes the integration into the home a step or two further by allowing you to connect it to your cable or satellite box. It then controls the channels, extending the way in which we can interact with our favourite TV shows. Microsoft describes the XBox One as being “the all-in-one entertainment system”. The PS4 on the other hand is squarely aiming at the hardcore gamers out there with their high machine specification and no rules restricting the use of second hand games.

Here at Yoyo Design the office is split. Personally, I prefer the idea of the XBox One, mostly because of the Kinect and the social group gaming it provides - it’s much more inviting than a physical controller. Calvin and Matt prefer the PS4 because of the game titles and/or previous loyalty to the Playstation series.

The press has the PS4 winning over more potential buyers at the moment - mostly due to the price, the lack of need for an ‘always on’ internet connection (meaning that XBox One games will not work without a connection) and the continuing ability to trade second hand games.

NOTE - Since originally writing this Microsoft has back peddled and users will not need an ‘always on’ connection and will be able to trade-in or buy second hand games.

Time will tell as to who will come out on top, but what’s certain is that the battle has only just begun. Let the games begin.

Richard Wendon

Written by Richard Wendon for Yoyo Design

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