Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge

July 7, 2013

We said NO to sunbathing... we said NO ice cold beers and Pimms... we said NO to watching Andy Murray in the men’s Wimbledon final (actually I think most of us got home for the last set, but that’s not the point)... we said YES instead to dodging, ducking, dipping, diving and dodging (the 5 d's) a dodgeball for a good cause,The Stroke Association.

It was through the power of Twitter that I learned of the event which asked “is Tunbridge Wells to posh to dodge?”. My immediate thoughts were... “Yes, it probably is”’ but this didn’t stop me rounding up some of the other staff here at Yoyo Design and entering a team.

We had no idea what to expect when we arrived at the TA Center where the event was being held, none of us had played before and the rules were hastily read before the games actually started, but at least everyone had trainers and where necessary, sweatbands.

There were teams from all over Tunbridge Wells from companies including Infinity and BHS. In addition to other local teams there were some pretty serious teams ie The Awful Dodgers who just happen to be the2012 Dodgeball UK Cup Champions. Actually let me correct that, not so much serious, but regular - the only thing serious about them appeared to be the amount of beers they got through and the knee pads some of them wore (which meant they could do this ‘I’m kneeling on the floor making myself as small as possible’ maneuver.)

We played through the heats winning all but one of our matches, putting us in a good position in the knockout phase. I’d like to say we eased through our matches... but we didn’t, we had a habit of losing the first of three sets (2.5 mins per set) then coming back strong and dominating *cough* the rest of the match.

Before we knew it our names were being called to play the final. We looked around surprised almost not wanting it to be true (we had heard Andy was doing well in the tennis). But as all serious sportsman before us have done we put our game faces on and faced our adversaries.

We faced our opposition.

Waiting for the whistle was tense.

It blew and before we had time to catch a breath we were promptly congratulating the other team on their victory. Actually it wasn’t that bad... but it definitely wasn’t our best performance.

Congratulations to the other team - *grumble ringers, pro players, grumble*

And with that it was over. Second place. It was great fun and honestly I think most of us would play again (despite the aches and pains today).

To the victors went the spoils (a very small novelty cup - haha).

The big winner yesterday was The Stroke Association who should be receiving the funds raised at the event. Well done to Steven Barrett for organising the event and convincing so many people to take part.

For a few more pictures check out our Facebook post.

Richard Wendon

Written by Richard Wendon for Yoyo Design

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